A responsive patient flow and bed management tool, helping clinical and operational teams manage a complex and time consuming task

Why bedvue?

  • At present, bed management is mostly done on paper and involves the time consuming task of phoning units within a hospital or specialty.

  • Bed management often requires daily meetings with senior staff taken off the units to discuss patient flow; time which could be better utilised in patient care or teaching colleagues.

  • bedvue digitally visualises the patient journey, giving the information needed to make decisions, without unnecessary meetings and check-in’s.

Key features of bedvue


A seamless interface using AI and technology to improve communication across a wide range of units and teams. A system that can adapt to the user.

Intuitive and Interactive Design

Visualising complex patient journeys within a unit or hospital whilst also sharing the pertinent information needed to make decisions on patient flow and bed management. A task known to be cognitively exhausting doesn’t have to be!

Saves Time

Real-time information on patient flow and beds, negating the need for daily meetings and frequent check-in’s. Teams are more able to focus on the patient at hand and supporting their colleagues.

Optimisation and Alerts

In the future, bedvue will optimise patient flow within hospitals anticipating impending capacity constraints and alerting the appropriate clinical/operations team members.

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