Real world applications of our technology

Bed management in a complex critical care environment

Hospitals around the world are being overwhelmed by demand.

Managing bed capacity and patient flow is a complex and time consuming process, often done on paper or via clinical systems which lack detail.

bedvue is a sophisticated management tool aimed at solving this very problem.

Currently, ideation.AI are beta testing bedvue within a large critical care unit in London.

Helping clinicians make sense of large amounts of complex patient data in critical care

Clinical information systems can overwhelm clinicians with data and lead to burnout.

eve uses technology to make sense of complex data and give insight into the numbers. Saving time and reducing the overwhelm often associated with reviewing patients. 

We will soon begin testing eve within a critical care unit in the UK.

Bringing research data to life for clinical academics

Academics often find it difficult, if not impossible, to access the rich clinical data contained in their clinical information systems.

Our technology creates large, standardised data-sets that academics can easily access and use for research.

We are working with a research group to develop tools that enable researchers to easily access, visualise and interpret clinical data.

How can our technology support your team?